Due Diligence

Due Diligence

All private and/or corporate investors wish to be shielded against flaws and drawbacks of any investment property asset or portfolio. It is essential to acquire quantitative and qualitative results to assess and determine the inherent performance risk in terms of commercial characteristics, technical specifications and marketability of the underlying real estate asset. We offer advice on technical, financial and market tangible and intangible real estate features.

Our specialised local teams thoroughly cover all aspects of:

Technical inspection including planning, energy efficiency, structural, building management and environmental audit.

Financial performance including tenancy and lease schedules, tenants credit strength, revenues and operating expenses.

Market analysis including geography, catchment areas and competing property stock.

KAMROW can manage on request the due diligence process for the potential investments that will be furthered examined.

Indicatively we can support our clients with:

  • Examination of given documents
  • Proposal of suitable advisors for the specific project (technical, legal, environmental etc.)
  • Negotiate with the advisors on caps and hourly fees
  • Supervise the reports for their timely and comprehensive submission
  • Further market analysis upon the Client’s requests (i.e., pre-marketing with specific potential tenants)
  • Finalisation of cash flow projections and forecasts based on the new data after the completion of the due diligence process

– Specialised Investment Property Consultants