Agency and Investment Services

Agency & Investment Services

We are focused on delivering best practice and performance in client representation offering value-added business advice and solutions to foreign investors, multinational corporations and property funds. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Therefore, we best assess clients’ needs and requirements in detail so as to determine the best way of action through integrated real estate services and tailor-made solutions as:

Sourcing-Market analysis

  • Overview of the Real Estate Market including key transactions made, movement of prices and big projects in the pipeline that can affect the local RE market.
  • Further identifications of opportunities specifically asked by the Client (i.e., big distressed portfolios that haven’t been introduced to the broader market).

Investment analysis

  • Analysis of the pre-selected potential investments through further market intelligence and projections, cash flow analysis and preliminary due diligence.

Negotiation & Representation Services

We can assist the Client with the negotiation process, by providing market data relevant to the deal, to the seller and assisting in the final drafting of the contracts.

After Acquisition Management

We can provide upon request Project Management Services into respect of evaluating offers from various contractors (architects, engineers etc.) and organizing the project timetable and quality control.

– Specialised Investment Property Consultants